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2016 has just began and binary options scams are still on the loose, The Stock Market JackPot Scam is a recently launched auto-trader that is supposed to earn you substantial profits within a short period of time. You might be wondering if this trading software is legit and might make you some money but unfortunately, this is not one of those softwares. This money making scheme is probably one of the worst scams we have seen since the Star Wars Binary Bot there are spelling and grammar mistakes all over their pitch page, something that is completely unprofessional and mediocre. The Stock Market JackPot Scam is in fact a joke considering that they’ve used the same techniques previous frauds implemented.

We can’t express how disappointed their auto-trader is, the website looks like it was built under 10 minutes, we’ve seen it before and it’s possible with only 50 bucks. These type of trading systems are only meant to steal your money, there is absolutely no background on the culprit behind the Stock Market JackPot Software, it’s like he is trying to hide his identity… the question is “Why wouldn’t you represent such a profitable trading software if it generates so much profits?” That’s very common since most scam artist are afraid to get sued or accused publicly from their victims.

Does the Stock Market Jackpot Software Work?

Stock Market JackPot uses fake testimonials!!

Absolutely not!! Patrol has witnessed thousands of binary options scams that could do a more convincing job than this money making scheme. They were lazy and lame enough to use a Fiverr actor that was exposed on the biggest blog out there, he’s name is Banjoman15 and this deceptive individual is a top rated seller and has been involved in countless scams in this industry. Therefore everything he says and promises are lies because he was paid to lie on camera. Why would the website uses fake actors in order to attract attention, we thought your trading software was amazingly profitable, so why the need to put up these low budget testimonials?

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How does the Stock Market JackPot work??

Another big concern is the trading software itself, we have no knowledge or clue on how this trading software generates all of those in the money trades. The anonymous developer did not mention anything on how this software executes this trades without losing our money. Most Profitable signal services uses very complex and diverse systems that adapt to the everyday changing markets, it’s a process that takes many years to improve and involves hard core analysis, something that the creators of this scam has no idea about. Can you really trust some trading software that claims endless profits without showing real proof? There are too many frauds out there that will do anything for your hard earned money.

Can you trust the Stock Market JackPot??
Stock Market JackPot is completly fake!!

Judging by how website is presented, we can guaranteed that this is just another binary options scam looking for newbies that don’t know anything about trading profitably. Just take a look at their photos, it seems like a joke or an online game. This is not a legitimate way to trade binary options, besides the embarrassing grammar mistakes, they’ve used fake a spokes man!! Does one need more evidence than purchasing lies?! These are no the qualities a transparent and trustworthy signals service has.

Stock Market JackPot Results

There are many scam reviews on the search engines claiming that this is a profitable auto-trader, THIS IS NOT SUCH THING!! This will wipe out your account before you even know it, we have over 120 reviews and not a single one of them has been wrong, scammy systems are just easy to spot once you reviewed a good amount. That’s why this trading system will not be in your favor!! Their email address, is not even answering to simple questions like, how does the system work? Their Telephone Number, +49 06957801950 never answers and last but not least, their Skype is not accepting any request, Skype (target21ltd)

Conclusion on the Stock Market JackPot Scam

Many  shady looking blogs have stated that this is a once in a life time opportunity, we believe these website are collaborating with this scam. But we can assure you that if you invest your money with this trading software, you will lose it all!! Our conclusion on the Stock Market JackPot Review is that it’s a scam that should be avoided at all cost!! If you’re really interested in profitable and trustworthy signals services, please try Virtnext or go to our recommended Binary Options Signals List for more information. Thank you for reading our scam review and good luck!!

VirtNext Trading Software

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  1. Thanks for the warning about another dangerous scam! Stock Market JackPot sounds like a quick way to lose your money! I’ve heard from many sites and many trader reviews that VirtNext makes a lot of money. I’ll be trying that out next, can’t wait to grow my account!

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