Theory Gamma Scam Review!! Please Read!! is a newly launched trading software that has caught many of our trader’s attention, today we will be debunking this signals service due to the many deceptive qualities we found. First, the whole idea of applying math to trading binary options is not new, this is not a revolutionary trading system that will earn you millions of dollars. All the fancy talk might impress you but there is nothing really unique or special about their presentation. Theory Gamma is not only using bogus tactics but we also believe that this a fraudulent auto trader for a couple of reasons. Crooks and scams are always coming with new innovative ideas to make good-looking frauds that can manipulate even the brightest person.

Gordon Stewart, the presenter of Theory Gamma says that his company was in search for market analyst with strong trading skills, Pranav Gupta was one of them and was apparently offer a million dollars to share his skills with the company. We at have a very wide knowledge about scams and their deceitful methods. These kind of stories that imply secret methods or a trader that has the holy grail are just pure lies in order to make you think that it’s something unique but it’s rather a sales tactic to just fool you. He also failed to mention anything about the company so no proper research was available for us to verify the company’s existence, not even a telephone number was disposed to us. Theory Gamma is not even close to been a legit trading software, here’s why!

Gordon Stewart from Theory Gamma is a SCAM!!

Usually, what we find in most legit and transparent signals services is evidence of real tech companies, owner’s contact information, support team but with the Theory Gamma software, they completely failed to deliver such information which just leads us to believe that they simply don’t care about trader’s experience and are rather here for the money!! Another big fact that we discovered about the Theory Gamma scam is that Gordon Stewart is a paid actor from Fiverr, yes!! This deceptive individual was payed to lie on camera, he’s done it before with binary options scams like Instant Trader, his gigs are sold for as low as 5 dollars!! Which all indicates that his meetings with Professor Pranav Gupta are false!! All the trash talk about him been from an investing company and a trader is pure lies, he was paid to do it so all reference about Gordon Stewart and it’s existence is false.

This Theory Gamma review could have been positive if it weren’t for all the misleading information, what kind of successful trading software has the need of paid actors and fake testimonials?? A SCAM!! that’s right, only binary options scams like this one use such practices because the creation of such products are for the sole purpose of stealing your money!! This is very common in most money-making schemes, fake actors, no evidence of developer’s contact, big lies and no real explanation of how it works.

Professor Pranav Gupta is lying and so is Theory Gamma

Pranav Gupta might seem like an Einstein but he really didn’t articulate himself in any way, all the material that he explained was just a different explanation on how Technical indicators work, most of them functions due to mathematical equations that are based on experience and many years of market testing. Moving averages are determined by closing prices, then it would be multiplied by a specific number depending on the price. Theory Gamma just manipulated that into fancy words and claiming that it’s unique to their trading software but it’s not in any way revolutionary!

Now, we found bogus security badges that were on the second pitch page of the Theory Gamma scam. It appears as if they were security protective and anti malware but those are non-clickable which means that they of could have just applied a copy and paste technique.Theory Gamma is a SCAM!!

The crooks behind the website are just here to steal your hard earn money so we highly recommend to stay away as far as possible from this scam. Professor Pranav Gupta and Gordon Stewart aren’t real traders. They are paid actors and all of the information found on their website is fake. Our final verdict will remain, Theory Gamma is a SCAM!! We hope that you concluded to this result also, if your interested in legit signals services, you can always visit our signals page and choose your desired service. Thank for reading our Theory Gamma scam review!!

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