Trade Forecast Review!! Honest Opinion!!

A new binary options software has been released, Trade Forecast is a brand new auto trader that is fully automated. We’ve seen many binary options scams in the past but we’re finally glad to say that this is no filthy and fraudulent scheme. Not only is it endorsed on high authority sites but we  were able to confirmed that this was back-tested and proven to live up to the everyday changing markets. The things is that crooks and scams out there don’t have any working algorithms or legit trading systems. Many of the scams that we reviewed in the past are dodgy looking websites that only takes 10 minutes to construct. But with Trade Forecast, 20 years of hard cold analysis was implemented into their trading software.

Why do we think that Trade Forecast is good choice of a signals service? Well, Chris Barlet, the owner of this auto trader contacted and asked us if we had any questions about their trading software. We were glad to see that Chris Barlet took the initiative to politely demonstrate how Trade Forecast functions. The type of petitions we get from most software developers are to take down their review or offer us money to change it. Patrol Obviously ignores such requests but it’s to enlighten you on why Chris Barlet made a difference from all those deceptive individuals.
Trade Forecast has an accuracy of 83 percent has a believable performance that we can fully support, people are greedy, that’s why most binary options scams offer thousands dollar promises because that’s what ignorant traders want to hear! Chris Barlet does not use such tactic and is fully transparent to the software’s performance. The average accuracy of Trade Forecast is 83 percent but we’ve seen it most of the time pull off 89 percent. The critical question is this, Do you prefer to posses a software that develops steady profits everyday or use some bogus scam that promises you to generate thousands of dollars when it’s really just emptying your account. Think about that and use your common sense!!

There is one thing that Trade Forecast will not do, Chris Barlet clearly states that this trading software will not make you a millionaire overnight!! Decent profits is what you’ll get but no Ferrari will be acquired at the end the week. Regarding how the algorithms works is very complicated to explain but from what we understand and witness, Trade Forecast uses the past 20 years of results to spot consecutive patterns and trends. They refer to chart patterns like candlestick formations, double tops or hanging man pattern. The signals will be triggered once it encounters a profitable signal, then it will automatically place it in your account.

Trade Forecast is not promising overnight wealth!!

We feel very positive about this auto trader’s algorithm, many experienced and skillful traders use past patterns and it’s proven to work. What Chris Barlet accomplished was to simply turn that into a software that could place trades on autopilot. So how much can you expect from 83%? Well, it really depends on how much you invest but the minimum we’ve seen Trade Forecast generate in one day is 678 dollars, not something completely extraordinary but it’s better than nothing. There is one thing you need to do in order to achieved the results his 27 students are making, you need to spend at least 30 minutes of your time with this software.

It might be completely automated but it’s always beneficial to keep an eye on it, maybe a sudden bug problem might cause the trading software to shut down, you don’t want to miss those profitable signals so you must be cautious and active if such occasion occurs. Another fact we absolutely love about Trade Forecast is that they are able to admit and recognize that the holy grail in trading doesn’t exist, it’s not possible!! But with a good trading system and wise money management. Trading in the green zone is possible!!

How to successfully register with Trade Forecast: 

  1. Go to their website by clicking Trade Forecast
  2. Deposit the initial capital to start placing trades.
  3. Start Profiting !!

Trade Forecast is not a SCAM!!

Our final verdict will stay the same, our conclusion is that Trade Forecast is not a scam and is a legit & profitable trading software that you can implement in your trading!! Don’t fall into those binary options scams that offer overnight success. This is real trading and it requires trading systems that actually work, so don’t hesitate to join Chris Barlet and his Trade Forecast Software, we fully support it and recommend it to all our traders but in case you don’t want to use this auto-trader. Please visit our signals page and choose your desired one!! You can always open a free demo account and practice on your Technical Analysis. Just avoid money making schemes that offer nothing but an empty account, thank you for reading our Trade Forecast Review!!

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  1. Trade Forecast is a very good app, I have been doing quite well with it so i think i might just stick with it for now. Thanks for the great review!!

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