Trade Fusion Review!! TradeFusion is DANGEROUS!!

Timothy Marcus and his trading software are SCAMS!!

Today’s topic will be on the Trade Fusion Review, a very dangerous trading software that could easily fool even the experienced trader. We have reasons to believe that is a scam!! Recent results from traders has preoccupied us about our visitors. Timothy Marcus indeed made a very convincing auto-trader but not enough to fool us, Patrol has gathered enough information on the TradeFusion service to determine it’s not worth your time. Please keep on reading this scam review because we will expose every single manipulative tactic that Timothy Marcus used in order to attract beginners in the binary options industry.

First of all, we must admit that this Trade Fusion Scam looks professional and somewhat appealing to the eye but nevertheless, the content inside is what preoccupied us. If you look closely on the video introduction, bellow it, there is a CNBC logo insinuating that they’ve endorsed the TradeFusion scam. We are confident that such appearance never happened and is simply copied from another website to make it appear as if were a legitimate trading software.

So, let’s talk more about the owner and developer of, Timothy Marcus is the CEO and producer of CNBC’s  Future Now Segment, that’s it!! That’s the only personal details we know about this deceptive individual, for all we know this could be a made up character to play along their fairy tale story!! This culprit is not found anywhere in the binary options industry, the only thing we managed to track down were some dodgy looking Facebook Profiles but that’s it! You would expect from the Trade Fusion Software to have a reputable spokesman but they rather have some douche-bag that is a practically a ghost!! cannot be trusted!!

Trade Fusion uses stolen pictures from other websites

Oh yeah… we almost forgot to mention that the TradeFusion Scam uses images from other websites to claim credibility!! Anthony Grisanti, Eduardo Saverin and Carol Landry are fake profiles that were practically stolen from other sites. What Timothy Marcus did was to search on Google for a couple of profile pictures, copy them and them pasted it on the scam site to deceive traders into thinking that they actually accomplished the goals they’ve said. Wait, there’s more!! Patrol saw a Trade Fusion Review that made no acknowledgment of such actions which is pretty much an indication that those scammy looking blogs are working with them to promote this crap. might appear as a transparent signals service but it’s surely a SCAM!! Most authority websites are blacklisting this system, not backed like TradeFusion says. On the bottom of the website, there’s a clickable link where it says customer support but it doesn’t lead anywhere, there is no contact information where traders could communicate in case there are any technical issues. Timothy Marcus says there is customer support but that’s also a lie. The supposed team that the Trade Fusion System has are also copied from the internet, the whole team is made up by personas that don’t exist!! To remind you again, the Scam Artists behind this fraudulent trading software do these actions in order to increase the chance of you signing up with them!! They might be small details but it’s what differentiates the trustworthy auto-trader from the common binary options scam!!

Trade Fusion Results and Performance

According to their home page, the TradeFusion Results range from 90 to 100 percent ITM. Not only is that unlikely but is rather impossible in online trading. Unless you have the power to predict the future, you will certainly not be able to make thousands of dollars like they promise. Yeah, it’s true that some traders make 50,000 or even a 100,000 dollars a month but those traders have risen their capital slowly and steady so they could invest more and gain higher returns. Apparently Timothy Marcus has no idea how the markets actually work because if it were true, everybody in the whole entire planet would be trading but since the markets are actually a bit more complex than that, it’s not going to happen! TradeFusion Results are far from been realistic because the most successful up to date system can only generate from 84 to 86 percent in the money rate.

Trade Fusion and their deceptive strategies!!

Tradefusion software is brand new and today around 8:30 am, we received 3 emails saying that site lied about their performance because they were almost close to wiping their entire account!! What a bomer…. but since we know that Timothy Marcus has no idea on how to developed a down to earth auto-trader, the outcomes were not surprising!! Now that we are talking about the performance of TradeFusion, let’s get in to the actual trading algorithm because it’s the key asset that will make any system work efficiently or horribly! No reference of how it really functions was ever addressed. That weather thing he mentioned is somewhat true but its way, way more diverse than that. To be able to predict such outcomes from a fundamental disaster like the Paris Attacks requires time and very detailed analysis on the after reactions but we doubt that this trading software takes that into account. We seriously doubt that the TradesFusion results will generate any significant earnings!

Summary of the Trade Fusion Review

  • No customer support is provide even though Timothy Marcus said there was
  • Background and track records of the owners are not shared which mean that they are hiding their true identities.
  • Trading Results and Performance is exceptionally low and though claims to have 90 ITM, it doesn’t come even close to it!
  • The algorithm was explained very manipulatively in order to somehow impress traders when their theory is completely incorrect!

Verdict on the Trade Fusion Review

Trade Fusion Review

So to end this scam review, we would like to state that Timothy Marcus or whoever is behind that name should be a lot more sincere about Trade Fusion because right how, it stinks of Failure!! Soo many deceptive strategies found on the website. We really can’t find anything worth mentioning from them, the design and colors seem attractive…. but other than that, it’s a sure disaster. We would like to state that TradeFusion is a SCAM!! If you invest in this trading software, you will lose every single penny of it!!

Trade With Tauribot

If you are truly searching for a reliable system that could generate decent profits, you can check out the Tauribot SystemA sophisticated trading tool that will help you generate quality signals based on many chart patterns recognition it has integrated, it’s widely used by many of our visitors, including patrol and has been rated as one of the most user-friendly software by many traders. Just don’t join this Trade Fusion scam because you will regret it!! But in the mean time, trade safe and thank you for reading our Trade Fusion scam review.

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