Trade Tracker Pro Is a Scam

Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review
Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

A dangerous binary options scam has been released!! The Trade Tracker Pro Scam is a fraudulent trading system you need to avoid if you wish to keep trading successfully! Derek Stone, the bearded spokesman might seem like a credible person but no, he is a paid actor in which the scam artist used to sale their story! Recent feedback on the scam has confirmed our theory that such auto trader is indeed not performing like the actor promised. In this Trade Tracker Pro Scam review, we will be exposing this deceptive system and the many dodgy tactics that these crooks used to deceive traders around the world!

On the site, you can clearly see it looks very empty and rather scammy looking. You would expect from such a profitable auto trader to have a more user friendly and professional website, but they rather have some 5 dollar Fiverr seller to design their entire site. We are obviously not going judge the Trade Tracker Pro Scam for it’s appearance but these characteristics usually correlate to been a pyramid scheme. According to Derek Stone, this trading software will make him 80,000 dollars in just one month by using the software. This is of course impossible with a 250 dollar account and here is why!

In depth look at the Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

Like we said, generating that kind of trading result is not possible. People forget that is still trading, it can be online but the same rules still apply. You have to take in consideration the complex markets, fundamental news and many more details that play a huge roll in how your trades will come out at the end. If this Derek Stone was telling the truth, every binary options trader would be trading with this Trade Tracker Pro Scam but unfortunately, it’s not like that! The reason why the says that you can make such performance is because they realize that rookie traders in binary options will probably be attracted to such results. Because if you ask any experience trader in the field of trading, they would tell you that such outcomes is far from been true!! One of the few reasons the Scam will never function like you would imagine

Beside the fact that they are lying about it’s results and performance, this trading software scam is blacklisted on many authority websites that state the same opinion!! This auto trader that Mr. Stone uses so frequently does not work like he promises! If you think about it thoroughly, every trader out there would be millionaires but since trading doesn’t function that way, not everyone gets to trade profitably! Also, the elaborate scenes in which Derek Stone pretends to show you real proof of how works is completely fake, remember the short scene where he pulls out money instantly from the Trade Tracker Pro Scam to his bank account, well… that is also impossible!! It takes from 3 to 4 business days to actually withdrawal all the desire funds to your bank account, it does not occur instantly like Derek Stone would like you to believe. That is why they smartly edited the video and cut it right when he shows you the money, if you take a closer look at the video, you would notice that it does not show when the actual ATM machine spits out the money, they just focus the camera on him once the money is in his hands, therefore the machine never gave him that actual money he was holding.

Why should you avoid the Scam!

Traders are losing their entire investment according to our emails and feedback found on forums. Every review done by legitimate traders are stamping this software as a money making scheme! Not the holy grail Derek Stone would like you to believe. This sorts of results can be anticipated due to it’s horrible algorithm, the spokesman that appeared briefly in the sales video didn’t address how this system is supposed to generate all those winning signals, he just kept on repeating how wonderful his life is and how much money he’s spending. Never was the software seen in action, just some digits that could easily be faked by a web designer.

Legitimate trading systems show real live time trading like the Copy Buffett Software, this  scam does not apply such practice! It rather prefers to show a semi looking result that could easily bee replicated with digital software, no real evidence that can proof it’s credibility or results, Derek Stone is probably a more preservative actor that is found on higher end marketplaces, that would explain why he’s so comfortable talking to the camera, a common trader would not have such confidence since he’s main talents are not talking in front of a camera but instead trading in front of a computer like it should be!

Trading results and performance of the Trade Tracker Pro Software

Like we mentioned earlier, rookie traders are experiencing nothing but nightmares with this fraudelent software. They state that this specific scam is generating from 56 to 62 percent ITM which will not yield any significant growth to your trading account at all!! This results are far from been close to what Mr. Derek promise, we thought this system could generate 80,000 thousand dollars but no, with this kind of performance, it will never reach such result!!

Such trading performance is expected since this Trade Tracker Pro Scam is not meant to make any earnings to your trading account, that’s why the spokesman refrained from talking about the software’s features and how it functions. The algorithm must be carefully developed and well constructed in order to provide such results but that’s the crooks of this fraud prevented from mentioning it!! It’s because they don’t have such algorithm implemented because they know that in order to create and develop such algorithms, they spend a lot of money and dedicate time which they’are willing to sacrifice!!

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Final Say on the Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

Trade Tracker Pro Review
Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

The site is filled with deceptive lies, the software simply does not work like Derek promised. Many traders are complaining about the software’s performance and how it’s emptying their trading account. That’s why we would like to conclude our review and say that is a dangerous SCAM!! Please avoid Derek Stone and the software because if you invest your hard earned money with this system, you will lose everything that you’ve invested. has reviewed hundreds of low performing auto trader and this isn’t any different!

Please avoid anything that Derek Stone promotes, his scam is clearly  a proud proyect he intends to endorse heavily. If you’re truly looking for a way to trade profitably, you can use the Copy Buffett Software, a fully working and transparent system that many traders are using, it’s 2016 best performing software so please feel free to check that out! Thank you for reading our Scam review!

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