Trade X Confidential Scam Review

Trade X Confidential Scam
Trade X Confidential Scam Review

It comes to our surprise that three new frauds have been launched today, the Trade X Confidential Software is another one of those binary options scams you must avoid. Traders have asked us to review this system since it appears and sounds legitimate. Paul Reed, the crook behind the scam site says that you’ll be able to make from 20,000 to 60,000 dollars a week! This is of course a big lie and in this Trade X Confidential Review, Patrol is going to demonstrate and explain to you why traders  need to stay as far as possible from!

Many binary options systems are constantly released, the tricky part of it is choosing the right tool to trade successfully and consistently. Paul Reed will not provide such  value and it seems that many traders are aware of that, a total of 13 comments were made on forums stating that it has completely wiped their trading account. This is not the result promised in their presentation video, such outcomes can be easily detected if one were to analyse what they claimed a little deeper. The first feature you can notice about the Trade X Confidential Scam is that it integrates the very annoying and spammy pop up like most money-making schemes do, such practice is used so they can bombard you with fraudulent services every single day!

Deeper Analysis of the Scam Review

Trade X Confidential Scam Review
Trade X Confidential

This trading software itself is very misleading, The auto trader states it analyses the search engines every milli seconds to detect future upcoming traffic from any company or stock. This technique is clearly against google’s terms of service which they have many complex and expensive protection systems to prevent any malicious software to cause harm. Every time there’s any suspicious activity coming from a specific IP address, the security bot will automatically block and show a Captcha to prevent any further damage, no auto trader can physically see an image so it would be impossible for the software to continue the analysis without coming to a stop. Therefore the algorithm behind the Trade X Confidential Scam is faulty!

After hearing the very lame explanation on how works, a second and most shadiest detail was discovered! Paul Reed uses stolen pictures to insinuate that this system is indeed providing outstanding results when it’s really burning people’s account. Dan Cathey from California did not make 400 dollars in his first day, his picture was taken from the internet and stamped with a different name. It really shows the true colors of this auto trader and what they’re willing to do in order to get you to sign up with them. The only point we can get them right now is how their scam looks, you have to admin, it looks somewhat appealing to the eye.

ITM Performance!! Also, Who is Paul Reed?!

Let’s continue with our system review, who in the world is Paul Reed? This is an individual we’ve never heard off in the binary options industry, he has no social media presence and is nowhere to be endorsed in any site.  That is why is not trustworthy, binary options services must earn credibility points if they  want us to trust some ranger trader we’ve never met before. No customer support was provided so it’s extremely difficult to mention them any of these specific details. Trading results of the Trade X Confidential App is generating no profits at all, this idiot doesn’t have the intentions of making for you but from  you!!

If you have any dreams about withdrawing your funds from, you will forever be waiting and lose precious time you can use with real functional systems. Speaking about trading results, how can Paul Reed possibly promised more than fifth-teen thousand dollars in just one week. It’s impossible and not even the best performing systems can top such results since it can’t be done.

A Quick summarize on this system review.

  • No trader support, an email address was never provided by them.
  • Terrible results by authentic users which means you’ll never earn the results you’re looking for.
  • Paul Reed is using stolen photos from Bing and other marketplaces to insinuate that’s punches but nothing else.
  • Spam Pop ups appears every second you try to move your mouse from the video.
  • guarantees you that if you invest your money with this trading software.

Trade X Confidential Scam Review Scam Review Scam Review

It has come to our sad surprise that Paul Reed  has nothing valuable to offer! Please avoid anything that the site recommends because it’s probably garbage! Final verdict will conclude to this: The System is a fraudulent SCAM you need to avoid!

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