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Traders Revenge Review

Too many fraudulent trading systems have been launched in the market, is Traders Revenge another one of them? We’ve got the answer because it’s not what you think it is! Even though you might hear rumors that this is the best auto trader out there in the market, this is still a BOGUS software that will just produce losing signals until your trading account is left with a big FAT ZERO. Ryan Jackson, the spokesmen or Representative of says that this will break you free from any financial obligations but in our Traders Revenge scam review, we are going to expose that lies and tell you why everyone out there needs to avoid this lame fraud.

When first entering their welcome page, Patrol was surprised at how low their production value is, isn’t this supposed to be a trading system that generates over 100 thousand dollars? Then why does this look like the work of 50 dollars and a cheap WordPress theme, you would expect that a professional and fully-working system should have a nice clean website where information is easily accessible but no, Traders Revenge has none of that. Those are small details that pretty much tell us if a trading service is a scam but of course, we need way more evidence and we’ve got plenty of that from Traders Revenge. Let’s talk a little bit about Ryan Jackson, this individual here claims himself that he is finally a millionaire thanks to this app and that everyone who lands on his page should join him to take revenge and profit from those crooks who stole your money. Basically, what he wants to prove is that he is different from the average money-making scheme that show fake results but it’s very funny and hypocritical of him to also show bank account screenshots showing 600,000 dollars… like really?

An obvious reason why Traders Revenge will fail miserably!

Traders Revenge
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Continuing our research, we found out that the voice over actor did not mention the software’s functions at all, he just rambled on and on about revenge and hacking which really doesn’t mean anything in the trading world. It seems as if they want to fool you by just saying that they’ve been scam too which would appeal to many traders since they’ve lost money too to other frauds but that’s not enough to guarantee profits of up to 6 figures a month. Clever marketing technique but we need way more than that, according to their sales video, Ryan Jackson uses some sort of hacker that exploits a loophole that the market has so high amounts of winning signals can be made, something that a normal trader couldn’t do since the trading markets are “rigged”. is here to tell you that this is all BS and is just said to capitalize on the idea that they’ve got something special when they really don’t have anything, no hacking or loophole will assure you such profits, this is just rumors that burned out traders use for their mistakes. Seen that Traders Revenged Software has the guts to say such stupid statement, we can cleanly have an idea that the people behind such trading software have no clue on how real trading works.

But the defining red flag that pretty much sealed the goals of Traders Revenge was the face of the service itself, that is Ryan Jackson. If there is one thing that we are sure of is that everything that came out of that individual’s mouth is pure trash. This is not the first time we see this individual actually, this person here has been a part of multiple binary options scams testifying the same thing, “This truly works and I’m very glad that I used your software because it has changed my life”. Want to know how we know this? Because Mr. Ryan Jackson from is actually an actor! This person here sells gigs on an online marketplace called, this is where shady companies buy paid testimonials to promote their crappy software to their audience, meaning that Ryan Jackson is a fictional character that never used the Traders Revenge Scam software in his life, this is all a convoluted plan to fool and deceive you into you giving them your hard earned money.

More Scam Tactic on the website

You can then see a picture of Jason Samuels where it implies that he’s made a lot of money with the software and that he is a part of Traders Revenge. This same trader appears on a previous CONFIRMED scam in which he also shows that he’s made money when it’s all fairy tales since the service he is testifying for is a scam ( Everything that their Brand represents is bad qualities, all that the typical scam service has and is why the most probable results by using such trading system is failure, this might end your trading career so great precaution is need it when approaching Traders Revenge.

Conclusion on the Traders Revenge Review Scam scam review

It’s pretty clear what their intentions are, Tradersrevenge does not work and many channels are aware of it, there are actually blacklisted reviews throughout the internet warning rookie beginners to stay way from this due to low trading performance. We tried looking at it the most optimistic way but when failure is screaming right in our faces, we simply cannot ignore it. Please watch out for this because Traders Revenge is a SCAM!

If you are truly searching for something trustworthy & transparent, you might want to look into services like the Neo2 App. The performance on this software is consistent and doesn’t drop bellow 84 percent ITM which is a win rate that is very achievable with any professional tool out there, the interface is fairy simple and traders love it due to the very friendly customer service you get 24/7.  Visit them for more information and thank you for reading our Traders Revenge Review.

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