Trend Trader Scam Review

Today we are reviewing the Trend Trader software, we will discuss and go over its main features and help you determine if the Trend Trader is a scam or not. We have heard that this Auto trader was launched in the past, the previous version didn’t seem to satisfy trader’s expectation. That’s why they decided to created a new and optimized version of it and relaunched it. According to Jonathan Miller, this trading software will help you generate profitable signals around the clock, you simply run the software and let the algorithms do the rest. From what we’ve seen, this can be a profitable trading software but there are some things that make us hesitate about Trend Trader’s transparency. is apparently deciding to go with a more profitable algorithm, Jonathan Miller decided to step up the game since the financial markets are getting more difficult to predict, not a lot of people were quite fond of its previous processor. We took a quick glance at its pitch page and was glad to see that there weren’t any fake badges or deceptive widgets saying that they are only 12 spots left, common binary options scams have similar characteristics of claiming that their software will make you millionaire at the end of the day but the Trend Trader didn’t do such thing so we congratulate Jonathan Miller for that!!

Trend Trader is not a SCAM, this is a legit trading software

They way Trend Trader functions is that it calculates and predicts future price movements base on previous patterns, Jonathan Miller’s algorithm is supposed to analyse chart patterns over 50 years ago to make accurate signals. Once a promising pattern appears, the Trend Trader software will automatically pull the signal trigger and place the trade. Seems good so far but it doesn’t stop there, The Trend Trader is so protective and cautious of future loses that it only takes signals that have 90 percent and above winning rate or it will leave it until the next opportunity comes up. Jonathan Miller clearly states that it’s supposed to choose only high winning trades to maintain a good ITM ratio.

Jonathan Miller also made the interface a lot more cleaner and easy to understand, these money-making schemes that are coming up every day are only using what other previous scams have implemented. This does not uses such practices nor tactics in any way, The Trend Trader decided to approach traders with a good interface and reliable trading performance. Not a lot of trading softwares can pull that kind of performance, Good thing that we received positive feedback in our inbox and found endorsements on high authority sites!! You would expect from a trading software that generates 90 percent winning ratio to have positive reviews and the Trend Trader accomplished that!

Trend Trader is mobile friendly and works on all devices!!

This auto trader is also available on all platforms for those plan to use it on the go, Iphones and Androids are compatible with this auto trader, something most binary options signals services can’t accomplish to do because it’s rather expensive…. They also have customer support, you can contact them at, we’ve sent them an email and got a quick response right away!! Patrol asked about the quantity of signals since traders know that providing good ITM requires a lot of time, Trend Trader support team said it provides the minimum of 26 signals which is outstanding!! We haven’t encounter a trading software that generate so many winning signals because we prefer quality over quantity. does have one a weird statement on their website, what do you mean “No knowledge about the financial markets are required”? That’s seems incorrect, even though this trading software is automated. it doesn’t mean you should be placing trades like an ignorant trader because loses do happen and you have to be prepared if such occasion happens. We think this is a sales tactics but we are not going to say it’s a scam because of that… but they should have told the truth instead of making silly lies like that.

Trend Trader is LEGIT, This is not a SCAM!!

No indications or fact were lead us to believe that Trend Trader is a scam, no negative review were found in the search engines and we hope that this auto-trader maintain its performance because if we find out that it somehow dropped in performance wise, you will get blacklisted!! Jonathan Miller and his support team are doing a god job and we recommend you to try them out and share your experience with us. If you wish to join a different signals service, you can visit our trusted signals list for more information. Remember that trading is only for the ones who look for financial freedom so invest wisely, Good luck!!

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