TrianaSoft Scam Review

TrianaSoft Review
TrianaSoft Scam Review

The Patrol team just came from eating lunch and was surprised to see our inbox of complaints, apparently the TrianaSoft Scam is not performing like Michael Wedmore promised. The website seems legitimate but if you look close enough, you’ll see that this is another one of those binary options scams. We were surprise to see how quickly this became popular since it was only launched 1 week ago… but in this TrianaSoft Review, is going to tell you exactly why you need to avoid this software by David Campbell and his team, you’ll be shocked with the information we are going to reveal so please read this review carefully.

On the scam site, their video presentation makes it look like they’ve spent many years developing and tweaking the software but according to, that domain was only register 7 days ago. Which means that David Campbell and his team of developers have never worked with the trading app before that date, why would they lie about it’s production date? for fun or to manipulate us to think that it’s been carefully developed and well thought out for many years. But we do have to give them some points on their abilities to sound professional and credible but if their performance is not living up to trader’s standards, TrianaSoft is simply not worth it!

Is TrianaSoft a Scam?

TrianaSoft Scam Software
TrianaSoft Scam Review

We are sorry to disappoint you but yes, is a fraudulent software everyone needs to stay away from. Michael Wedmore and David Campbell are just some actors that were paid very well to act the script given by the Scam Artists. How can we possible know this? Well, No one in the binary options industry has ever heard of such Michael Wedmore and his colleges. No track records, zero credentials on TrianaSoft and no social media accounts. Very strange since they are so well-known and reputable people, according to their words of course. Transparent and authority traders in this trading game usually have establish social accounts in which they interact with many traders and talk about trading related topics but this Michael Wedmore is certainly not on the radar. How can you possible believe anything that crook guarantees about the Auto Trader?

That’s another concerning factor about the review found on their home page, the algorithm itself was never properly addressed or mentioned in the video. Sure… the trading software analyses thousands of bits of data but there are literally hundreds of auto traders doing the same process! That doesn’t indicate it’s bound to generate successful trading signals so what makes them different? Nothing because all the features that are lies! Even their trading results are fake, Mona Fricke from Ireland apparently makes 86,00o Euros a month… not true! That profile picture was stolen  from the search engines, which simply means that Michael Wedmore and David Campbell grab that photo from Google and copied it to their performance page and make it look as if the young lady profited with the software.

TrianaSoft Trading Results

It’s performance is not that good either, the scam is currently giving out signals of 62 percent ITM. A result that will not yield any significant growth in your capital and will consume it in less than a week. This is not what their owners promised, they mentioned something about making 10,000 a day, who’s the clown now? That ITM Performance will NEVER provide that kind of profits and it shows that they are lying about it’s trading results. was never intended to make you money but rather lose it, the deceptive individuals just want you to join them so every single dollar you lose goes to them. This is not what a trusted binary options service should do and this is why our Review is so negative.

Short analysis of the TrianaSoft Review

  • Deceitful lies are presented in which the developers try to manipulate visitors into thinking they are well established when they are really just blacklisted in every authority blog out there.
  • TrianaSoft App does not offer customer support, no contact information or email address was ever found, this lack of information shows that they simply don’t care about their clients.
  • Don’t trust their images showing beta tester have great trading results, they were copied from the internet to fool traders.
  • TrianaSoft has it’s algorithm poorly developed which is the main cause of it’s awful performance.
  • They guaranteed close to 10,000 dollars a day but traders around the world are losing their entire investments in less than 6 days.
  • TrianaSoft is not recognized anywhere, no authority is establish whatsoever.
  • This software provides no unique value, might as well trade with another service because it’s not worth the risk, therefore TrianaSoft is a Scam!

Verdict on the TrianaSoft Review

TrianaSoft Software Review
TrianaSoft Scam Review

This binary options scam is produced very well, we do have to admit it that but if you are actually looking to profit from the markets. The TrianaSoft App will do the complete opposite so don’t get the wrong ideas from those malicious people. That’s why Patrol would like to conclude our review here and clarify that is a SCAM!! Do not invest your money that you sacrifice working every single day, if you invest in this garbage, you will lose every penny of it!! TrianaSoft is not recommended.

TrianaSoft Review Conclusion: It’s a filthy Scam!!

If you are truly searching for systems that work efficiently in the everyday markets, please visit our Binary Options Signals Page for alternative options. Copy Buffett System is doing exceptionally well according to trader’s experience, it’s 2016 best performing software and is available right now! It’s well-developed and many trading communities recommended so please check that out! Thank you for reading our TrianaSoft Review and Good Luck!

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