Trusted Binary Bot is a Dangerous Scam!

Trusted Binary Bot Review
Scam Review

 Ladies and gentlemen, we have come across another deceitful trading service that will just make your trading account scream at night. The Trusted Binary Bot is something you should not be using if you’re looking to profit in binary options. Peter, the spokesman of this so called trading software say that this is a once in life time opportunity that should grab a hold off. Patrol is here to debunk that and warn every trader out there to stay as far ass possible from this low performing system, please read our Trusted Binary Bot to be aware of all the details because this is truly a slap in the face for all of those people who actually work hard to profit in this difficult markets.

The first thing we investigated was the company itself and the owner, all we know right now is the first name of the presenter who goes by the name of Peter. How on earth are we supposed to believe anything he says about the software if we don’t know a single thing about him. Usually, most legitimate and trustworthy services have well-known and establish developers behind their company, people who have been known as a successful trader and developer of previous auto traders. But finding such credentials to “Peter” is impossible since Trusted Binary Bot decided to hide his identities. This is also negatively reviewed  in many establish channels saying that it’s misleading and low performing, we of course knew that from the moment their home page loaded, it claimed 1625 dollars in just 1 hour! That is impossible to achieve with such system and we are positive that no $250 account can reach such staggering results. That is due to the complex markets and how volatile and unpredictable it can be, no trading software in the market can generate such results so please don’t believe that.

Trusted Binary Bot is a joke!

So the lies continue, he then mentions that every signal that is given has complete assurance of turning out profitable. After 4 years of blacklisting scams in the binary options industry, we can assure every visitor out there that 100 or even 93 percent in the money ratio is not possible. Not even Warren Buffet has made such achievements, if it were true that 100% was possible, everybody in the entire world would be trading binary options. The second concerning factor is the so-called promotional badges you see on the Trusted Binary Bot website, according to their sales page, Forbes, Nasdaq and Dowjones has had some sort of involvement with the app, it truly is a slap on the face because that has never happened. We double-check those sites and never found 1 relatable hint that such news portal have endorsed this garbage. This scam technique is widely used on many money making schemes since no one in their right minds would ever mention this as it only creates losses and headaches.

Until, Peter has not provided a shred of information about the software itself, nothing he has talked about would make us even consider him as a good option to trade with. There are literally a hundred different trading services that offer the same exact features, a very convoluted theory on how the markets how and a lot of money. The technology company that is responsible for such trading software is also unknown, there are many shady companies that only create auto traders for the sake of just stealing your hard earned cash. The ones behind could also have a bad track record but since they smartly decided to also keep that a secret, it is very hard to determine that also. A lack of information is presented on the Trusted Binary Bot Review by Peter, it’s no coincidence that he makes no valid points in his sales video since there is nothing valuable here. That would take a lot of money and time, the site does not look like a professional service that generates 1625 dollars an hour, this is the work of an investment of only 50 bucks.

Overall performance and features of the system

So, we have talked and discussed a lot of problems with the marketing and branding of the Trusted Binary Bot system but if it works, who cares right? But that’s the thing, this crap does not come close to even 67 percent ITM. Remember the many times Peter repeated how your life was going to change in a drastic matter? Well, it was for the most horrible way because according to the victims of this scam, the actual trading results range from 56 to 62 percent ITM! This type of performance will get you nowhere and is an assured formula to a burned out account. This type of results is easily predictable based on the overall production value of this trading scam, no positive reviews by trusted figures, low incorporated platform that cost 50 bucks and lack of information on the system itself. All of those qualities just lead to a very unsuccessful trading system and we’re very much  confident that this is no mistake!

Verdict on the Trusted Binary Bot Review

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Overall, this trading system does not look like the worst system out there compared to the other scams we’ve seen but then again, there are 50 new frauds been launched a day in the binary options market. That is why we cannot recommend this to anyone since there are plenty of better alternatives out there, can’t you see that all Peter gives to their visitors is pure lies and manipulation. We certainly wouldn’t want our money to be in the hands of someone who barely exits in the trading community. That is why we have to say that Trusted Binary Bot is a SCAM!

If you are truly searching for a system that can help you generate decent profits in binary options without losing your entire capital, please try out Neo2, this app has been developed by the most successful and experienced traders in the industry. You can have a look at it yourself and decide if it’s a good option for you but from our own experience, we have had nothing but good experiences with the system. Thank you for reading our scam review!

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