Verified Trader Review! Avoid this SCAM SOFTWARE!

Verified Trader Review
Verified Trader Scam Review

Today we are reviewing the Verified Trader software, this is another trading system that promises thousands of dollars a day and is misleading hundreds of traders into a deadly trap. Patrol is here to warn people to stay away from Simon Roper and his site to prevent big financial losses, this auto trader will not perform like you expect since many of the features that presents this app is for pure failure. Read our Verified Trader review to be aware of such scam tactics because this might end your trading career if you let it, you do not want to fall for this garbage!

So, the obvious must be stated… Even though Simon Roper swears that is million dollar software, the overall production value of their trading service is amazingly low. Look at their presentation video, low quality and a lot of cheap voice over work. A 15 year old kid can make this sort of website and do it for a 100 bucks. Legit and transparent services usually have a very straightforward welcome page with professional artwork but the Verified Trader app has none, this seriously lacks a lot of genuine information since the only thing that can be noticed in the Verified Trader System is scam widgets everywhere. What we mean by that is that they show a typical bold statement that clearly highlights in big letters that you can make 4,000 dollars a day without no proof at all. Their website also shows the most over used pressure tactic that scams tend to do which is tell you that they only have a specific numbers of spots available in wich Patrol is certainly sure that if you refresh your browser on the same scam page, the countdown will start over again.

Why everyone needs to avoid the Verified Trader Scam Software!

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Verified Trader Review

The next concerning fact that we have with the website is that they are very deceitful when it comes to explaining their results and performance. Even though Simon Roper and Frank Hitchen might sound like individuals who are trying to help, we do not know anything about them, for all we know this could be people who have scam thousands of traders out there and is simply going by different names. We tried to do some credential research on this crooks but no results were found, these are people who apparently generate millions of dollars trading binary options, people like them are bound to go recognize for such talents since it’s very rare to find traders these days that achieve such high success rate. But no words or even mentions of them are made in any trading community, channel or establish blog, that could only mean that the people behind are characters that were made to be played in the sales script, simple as that.

Then they ramble on and on that they’ve been testing out this Verified Trader app for long periods of time and that beta-testers have made quite a large amount of winning signals with no problems. They specifically say that they began their “Testing” back in 2014 which is complete lies since this software wasn’t even available back around those dates, the software simply did not exit when 2014 was the supposed “testing Phase” of the app. How can we possibly know that? because if you simply visit and check the creation date for the domain, you will see that this was actually created on January 2015. That means that they have lied again to viciously steal your trust and appear as if they were a establish company with many experiences, everything that Verified Trader Software has demonstrated has either been a lie or manipulated for the sake of you joining them and losing your hard earned money. But there’s more, if you continue to scroll down their shady looking site, you will witness a series of testimonials from traders that have very high likings towards this system, anyone who sees such comments will surely think that this is working to people’s expectations but that’s also a big lie to confuse traders.

Those testimonials are fake and put by the owners themselves by copying free copyright images from the internet, it seems that every dirty characteristic these online frauds have, Verified Trader seems to have them which is just embarrassing and laughable.

Overview of this scam auto trader review

  • No explanation on how this app truly works and functions, they just repeatedly say things that will make any desperate folk join them within a click of a second.
  • No legit history was found on the owners/CEO of this trading software, everything seems to be fake  unauthentic. We tried looking a way to contact them but no true contact information was found to communicate with the owners.
  • Blacklisted reviews can be found almost anywhere on the internet clearly stating to avoid such lame trading software.
  • Simon Roper and Frank Hitchen are a joke, don’t put your money at risk while there are much better alternatives.

Verdict on our Verified Trader Software Review

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So it’s pretty clear what their intentions are, it’s clearly seen through out their branding and marketing tactics, this software stinks of failure and if you invest in this garbage, you will lose every single cent. That is why cannot recommend this and tells every visitor and loyal subscriber to stay away from the Verifiedtrader scam!

If you really wish to see consistent results on a daily basis, you might want to try other options/services that don’t present such bad qualities. For example, you can try out the Neo2 Tool. This trading tool has proved to be the most unique and up to date software in the market, the owners are traders who actually have endorsements from the biggest trading channels in the industry, they send out weekly updates to the users to ensure traders are getting the most optimized performance they can get, customer support is available 24/7 and is simply a very efficient app when it comes to delivering great trading results. Thank you for reading our Verified Trader Review and take care!

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