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This will be an honest opinion on the VirtNext Trading Software, this is a newly develop binary options software that will be launch on the 16th of November 2015. Vincent Bollore, the CEO behind has created one of the most innovative auto trader in the market. We have reviewed and witness lots of binary options scams but we have never come across by such legitimate Algo-trading system!! The people that are responsible for this unique software is VirtNext Investments LTD. Not only is that brand one of the best technology companies out there but also a real existent trading company you can search for yourself!!

We have witness a vast majority of  auto traders fail to deliver substantial results but this Vincent Bollore made a complete change on our beliefs on this trading app. Vincent Bollore has gave us a special glance at how VirtNext software has their trading algorithms synchronized. For the first time ever in many years of trading, we have never seen such a complex and dynamic auto trader like the VirtNext trading software. We have a deep hatred on binary options scams since most of them are just money making schemes but looking at the statistics of how is develop just makes trading automated like a real and legit way to trade.

Vincet Bollore from VirtNext Software is a legitamte person!

Not to mention that Vincent Bollore is not a fake actor because we also did a full complete background check on this CEO from VirtNext Investments LTD. Patrol did not find him involved in any dodgy or fraudulent money making schemes. What you usually find in your day to day binary options scam is that all of them have fake actors and unreal company names that do not exist but nether of this Vincent Bollore or the VirtNext is showing fake and non-existent information. So how does this auto-trader really work?? Well, it uses  extremely fast computers to purchase and sells Assets, currencies and futures on the financial markets.

You can use VirtNext manually or on auto pilot, the minimum starting capital is $250 to reassure potential loses. Since this VirtNext trading software is generating at least 89.99% in the money trades, there will be a huge amount of winning signals that will will cope with the losses. You seriously can’t go wrong with this auto trader, Vincent Bollore clearly stated that VirtNext software can generate you around $70 to $2500 and it’s something completely possible unlike other binary options scams that claim to make you a millionaire overnight.

Trusted Endorsements about VirtNext Trading Software, Real Security Badges on VirtNext Trading Softwares and Mobile Friendly for all VirtNext Software users is also user friendly for those who plan to use this automated software on the go, we quickly reviewed some details and tested that the app was very responsive and fast. Trading at work can be a real hassle so letting this software run on auto pilot will be a great way to multi-task. Some might think that VirtNext is a scam but not only are the statics transcribing the opposite but it’s been confirmed and tested by high authority sites like binaryoptionswatchdog and binaryoptionsspot!! Those are legitimate and well establish site that review scams like us, we also found connections of to CNBC which is completely outstanding. VirtNext Investments LTD has made sure to make this auto trader efficient and tested by many traders which gains them more credibility than those scams that rely on fake actors and deceitful reviews.

Vincent Bollore states that the VirtNext app has been back tested in all trading markets, therefore you should not have a problem when you run into volatility or low momentum markets. If there’s one thing we learned from is that they took their time on developing this trading software. It took them around 4 years to create and backtest but when it was launched, the VirtNext was immediately shut down when author Michael Lewis published new book called “Flash Boys”. He accuse Algo-trading in creating false online depository of insider information. This was rumor was created by him due to VirtNext Investments LTD  exponential growth and due to the competitive industry, we think he was pay off to falsely accuse VirtNext to harm upcoming competition. Nevertheless, this is back better than ever and we think its time it seizes to the public.

Real Revies & Testimonials about VirtNext Software

This Algo-trading systems get endorsements from Yahoo Finance, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and many other authority sites. Performance wise, this VirtNext claims very realistic results which range from 78 to 89 percent!! Binary Options Scams always tend to show results of 97 or 100 percent when an experienced and knowledgeable trader knows that it’s nearly impossible to obtain such performance in the long term aspect. We’ve seen crooks and scam artist use all kind of means of deceiving traders but we found no such practices related to VirtNext. Vincet Bollore resides in France and he clearly seems to know what he’s saying, please remember that he was not payed to lie on camera! This trader is real and you can verify his existence!! We found no matching results of him in the Fiverr marketsplace. A website known to purchase fake testimonials and dirty practices like hacking and thief identity.

We can now confirm you that VirtNext is legit and there are no evidence to say the opposite!! The VirtNext robot as we say is not your average auto trader. That’s why you’ll see many reviews supporting VirtNext and we can guarantee you that no other trading bot will deliver such results, that’s why we believe that this system is legit and trustworthy. Please remember to visit our recommended broker list for regulated and safe brokers to trade with. Our final verdict is that VirtNext is not a scam and it’s worthy enough to trade with!!

Steps to successfully register with VirtNext Software:

  1. Go to
  2. Deposit the initial capaital to start trading
  3. Profit as the VirtNext app generate signals!!
  4. Withdraw money!!

Thank you for reading our VirtNext Review, please share and comment your feedback on the VirtNext Trading system!!

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this great Auto Trader!
    VirtNext has a lot of reputation in the financial market.
    Highly recommended service!
    Thanks again!

  2. Great review! I am checking out all reviews and this seems like a good recommendation… Thank you Patrol!!

  3. Impressive!!! This looks amazing! Thank you for a great review! It looks like people are already making money with Virtnext, I’m next!

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