Virtual Income Scam Review

Virtual Income Scam Review Scam Review

Virtual Income is a fraudulent system you need to avoid!! For all US Citizens, you are in luck because this site is not available in your country but anyone who lives outside the United States, you’re in danger! You probably heard of this Virtual Income scam because someone told you that it works like a charm and that you’ll be making thousands of dollars easily, you’re dead wrong and in this Virtual Income Review, we are going to explain and demonstrate why Henry Howes, the owner of this trading software, is a complete liar! Let’s begin…

First of all, who is this Henry Howes and why should we believe that his Virtual Income Software works? This is a deceptive individual we have never come a cross in the binary options industry, not one authority blog mentions his so-called “Holy Grail App” You would expect from such a valuable piece of software to be recommended in at least a few websites but the only blogs do endorse them are spammy looking ones that promote every money-making scheme out there. This shows that is not trusted by real communities or traders, such audience response is expected once you exploit this auto trader a bit deeper. Henry Howes is not what the person you think he is…

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In Depth Look at the Virtual Income Scam Review

First of all, this Virtual Income Scam adds no real unique value to it, the supposed algorithm that makes the consistent profits is never properly addressed. Saying that a team of developers have worked on it really hard and spend thousands of dollars doesn’t justify that it’s a reliable system. In general, legitimate trading softwares that maintain a good performance usually integrate well-known and establish trading methods like, trading analysis, Chart Patterns and indicators. It seems that the uses an unknown method that is only known to them. Which has resulted in countless of traders losing their entire investment. You might be surprise that this software has perform such poor results but that’s the ugly truth. About 80% of auto traders that are launched in the market are either low in performance or just darn right scams, this is another one of those. proves to be deceptive with hiding many important details like the owner’s information, we of course know this since we are connected to trusted sources that focuses of exposing crooks like Henry Howes. But Traders should not have to go through the difficulty of looking for basic information like that, why is he hiding his identity from a software that could possibly help thousands of traders be financially free? Is it because you’re shy or that you know it’s a fraud that’s going to wipe out their wallets! The answer is pretty straight forward and when this practice is applied in other services, it’s usually for the same exact reason.

Why the Virtual Income Scam won’t work for you

Besides all the red flags given by the site, forums and communities have reported that this system is generating from 56 to 61 percent ITM. A performance that will not grow your account significantly and will rather burn it in a matter of days. These trading results are far off from what they promised on the scam website. They guaranteed decent results but the only type of achievements it’s producing is unhappy traders without a single penny in their account. We’ve tried contacting them at their support but no email address was ever given, how could they not think about that? What if a trader were to run into some technical issue just to find out that no customer support is provided?

The Virtual Income Software and it’s marketing is also very shady, they promote this as a system that produces thousands of dollars everyday, when it’s clear that this auto trader doesn’t live to it’s expectations and is rather scamming people. How can a trading account with only 250 dollars possible grow into a 10,000 Dollar account in just 1 month, any experienced trader in the trading game can gladly clarify that these results are impossible to make. The average performance from the most successful and reliable auto traders can only achieve 82 percent which is not a rich’s persons formula but it does generate decent account growth. To sum the Virtual Income Review and it’s performance, it just can’t be done!

Main Features of the Virtual Income Scam

  • Fake trading results using made up by screenshots that can be easily edited on Photoshop.
  • Owner and the Technology Company decided to remain anonymous to prevent any encounters with victims and law suits for it’s terrible performance.
  • Uses manipulative marketing to attract rookie beginners who don’t know how binary options really work.
  • promises results that can’t be achieved, targeting traders who just stepped in the waters of binary options.
  • It’s blacklisted as a SCAM in many established news portals.
  • Customer service is not provided, no Skype, no email address, NADA!!
  • does not explain it’s algorithm very well, more like hiding it.
  • Like we mentioned earlier, this garbage is useless.

End of our conclusion on Virtual Income

Our final verdict has come to a conclusion, we’ve warned you about this system’s misleading sales tactics, there’s nothing profitable or unique about the this auto trader. That’s why would like to state that is a SCAM!! Please avoid this non sense because if you decide to invest your hard-earned money with this, you will lose it!!

Conclusion: Virtual Income is a SCAM

If you are truly searching for alternative methods to make money with binary options, you can also try the BinaDroid AppThis signals service has shown to be responsible with their accurate results, it’s trader’s favorite system and is endorsed in many trading communities, so please feel fee to check that out. Thank you for reading our Virtual Income Scam Review  and trade safe!

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