Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

Wall Street Lifestyle Scam
Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

The Wall Street Lifestyle is another dangerous scam you need to avoid. James Tylor, the crook behind thewallstreetlifestyle.com website AKA IMA Signals is promising incredibly results to anyone who uses his trading software. From what understood, the IMA Signals Software is capable of generating 90,000 dollars in just one month. This is of course a big lie that has been said in order to attract newbie traders in binary options. Not to worry because in this Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review, Patrol is going to explain exactly why the thewallstreetlifestyle.com site will fail to make any substantial earnings to your capital.

Many rumors have been spread about this IMA Signals App, we are pretty sure it’s a faulty system that will just burn your account sooner or later. First of all, who is this James Tylor and why should anyone in the trading industry believe a single word he says? Maybe he doesn’t realize it yet but there are literally thousands of scammers willing to say and do anything for our hard-earned money. Such performance and results of the Wall Street Lifestyle Scam have to be proven with real evidence before saying such claims but nevertheless, thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam failed to mention any of these factors.

Why you should avoid the IMA Signals Software!

Wall Street Lifestyle
Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

Besides the fact that we don’t know who James Tylor is, a guy who has no social media accounts, Facebook, twitter, NADA! This deceptive individual uses paid testimonials to promote his IMA Signals Scam, if you were to scroll down the Wall Street Lifestyle Website, a series of reviews by members would be shown insinuating that they’ve made thousands of dollars with this system. The cold truth about these lies is that not a single one of those people have ever tried the Wall Street Lifestyle Software. James Tylor simply went to an online marketplace and order a Fiverr Actor to lie on camera, that indicates us that every single review by the supposed beta testers are fake and is rather presented to fool traders into thinking the IMA Signals Scam is making money.

Why would thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam site apply such practices? Because this trading system doesn’t work! Plain and simple, if it did function like James Tylor promised. There would be no need for these shady actions since legitimate and organic reviews are bound to happen. But since no trader in their right minds would ever endorsed software, The IMA Signals Scam knows that fake reviews have to be purchased in order to attract more visitors. This type of marketing strategies are common in binary options scamsthis is a good indication of what  thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam is all about, lies and fake trading results!

Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA Signals Results Review

If you are still not convinced on IMA Signals software not been a scam, real traders on forums and blogs are stating that it’s actually wiping their trading account instead of increasing it. This shows that everything that James Tylor has guaranteed about the thewallstreetlifestyle.com site is false. He mentioned that this auto trader is supposed to generate 95% ITM signals but the real results of this software is nowhere close to it. Such performance is expected since the auto trader is not developed by a real tech company, a reliable algorithm implement real based strategies like Technical Analysis and trading indicators but this IMA Signals Scam uses none of these methods. The main reason why Wall Street Lifestyle is a fraudulent service that doesn’t delivers to it’s expectation.

General Idea of the IMA Signals Review (thewallstreetlifestyle.com)

  • Costumer support is not provided, the support@thewallstreetlifestyle.com is provided but no real assistance is given by their support team, Patrol contacted them in regards it’s poor trading results but not a single reply was ever given.
  • James Tylor and his thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam is blacklisted in many established websites for it’s manipulative tactics and tampered results.
  • Thewallstreetlifestyle.com Performance is at an absolute low, trading results average from 60 to 65 percent ITM.
  • Tradings results shared in their testimonials are fake, those are paid reviews purchased by the same James Tylor.
  • IMA Signals App and it’s algorithm is poorly integrated which has caused many traders to lose their entire investment.
  • Thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam provides no unique value in which you’ll be better off with other reliable systems.

Verdict on the Wall Street Lifestyle Review

Wall Street Lifestyle Review
Wall Street Lifestyle IMA Signals Scam Review

IMA Signals App has shown to be deceptive, fraudulent and worst of all… simply not profitable. James Tylor is too manipulative to be a trustworthy trader. There are hundreds of better binary options services that you can be a part of instead of thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam. All the evidence points to one conclusion, the IMA Signals Software is a dangerous SCAM you need to avoid!! If you invest your hard earned money with this trading software, you will lose it. The review done by James Tylor cannot be taken for granted, especially when he has no credentials or real sources to support his “theories”

Reliable System that doesn’t use low performing algorithms? BinaDroid!

If you are truly searching for a reliable tool to trade consistently, you can try the BinaDroid App which will help you increase your chances on nailing those ITM signals. It’s based on real trading algorithms that have proved to work over time and is trader’s favorite system of 2016, don’t miss out because it’s limited spots will be taken for maintenance and updates. If there is one thing guaranteed about thewallstreetlifestyle.com scam is that making money will never be an option!! Thank you for reading our Wall Street Lifestyle IMA Signals Review and good luck!!

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