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Wealth Crew Review!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a newly launched trading system by the name of Wealth Crew is creating a bit of a buzz in the industry since it’s claimed trading results are very captivating. Nathan Schmidt, the owner of seems to be quite confident that his trading software will perform like nothing else in the binary options industry, is here to tell you that it’s all lies but rather a convoluted plan to scam you hard and leave you financially ruined! This critical Wealth Crew review will help you understand the full picture of why this is nothing more but a money-making scheme, we’ve gathered evidence and important details that will just show you the true colors of this deceitful software.

First of all, they mention that this “amazing” software has been endorsed by CNN and the Wall Street Journal, which are the biggest and most well known investment sites out there. When verifying such connection to Wealth Crew, nothing was found! Not a single word about this system was talked about in the blog section or commentaries of those reputable news channels which clearly indicate that they’re desperately trying to look authentic and well established. It shows that nobody actually trusts them and are desperate to get as many victims as possible. This practice is very popular among binary options scams and it’s pretty obvious that they’re doing it for the sake of getting as much eyeballs on them as possible, instead of earning their trust rightfully with their visitors, they prefer to lie to and manipulate us with false information which is never a good sign, looks like the team behind Wealth Crew are just hungry scammers from this stand point!

Key components that make Wealth Crew a very untrustworthy option!

scam scam scam Nathan Schmidt Review scam

As the investigation developed, more concerning facts were discovered on Their so called company that they pridely promote as the best trading organization are actually not registered anywhere as an actual company. No source of information validates that they actually have working people making this a good service, usually with most transparent systems, their entire support team and CEOs are registered as a verified team across many trading platforms, but no mentions of the Wealth Crew is found anywhere! This also applies to the owner/representative Nathan Schmidt, no blog or well known trading channel have ever seen this individual before and his achievements, how can we possibly trust such person if he has no track records in the trading industry!? There are too many crooks out there that are hungry for your hard-earned dollars and they’ll pretty much say and do anything for it, as history proves it, it would be widely unwise to trust such fool and it’s another good reason to keep your money safe in your wallet.

Second most logical reason to avoid Wealth Crew and Nathan Schmidt are their testimonials. On the same home page of, a pretty girl by the name of Jessie Lusk can be found next to her car saying that she’s very thankful for purchasing a Cadillac with this software, little did you know that the lady on the picture is actually named Nikki Carpenter. We’ve looked for her image on Google and found out that she had a public blog that discussed here life and etc, the manipulative team of marketing simply copied her image and rewrote it to make it appear as if she used the Wealth Crew scam when she probably doesn’t even know about binary options is, how can we possibly trust such trading system when they’re willing to fake their trading results and testimonials all for the sake of stealing your money? If this truly functioned as they promised, they wouldn’t need such faul and deceitful practice but this just proves that they are nothing more but a binary options scam! What about the results they showed with an actual broker? Well, if you look closely to the dates the trades were placed, you’ll see that it lands on weekends which doesn’t make any sense since the markets are only opened Monday to Friday, that means also faked those results!

Features of the Software

It appears as if this is not an actual auto trader, from what we understood from Nathan Schmidt is that it copies signals from the most reliable and well known investors out there. This seems like a good idea but the issue with that it seems very suspicious and unreal, why on earth would this famous traders agree to share their signals with thousands of traders out there when it can heavily impact how they’re going to profit in the end. Second, there’s no proof that an actual deal was made with such investors and could easily been done illegally and would bring you more problems than solutions to your financial lives. All of this is spoken with a very general kind of answer which does not specify in details how they are really going to generate such consistent signals.

End of our Wealth Crew Review

Wealth Crew Review
Wealth Crew Scam Review

Nothing they’ve promoted and guaranteed is worth recommending for, this is a very generic looking trading system that we’ve encounter multiple times before and if there is one thing that we are completely positive off, is that if you put a single dollar with the system, you will lose everything you originally invested! Final verdict, avoid this scam at all cost!

If you are truly searching for legitimate services that actually do work and are trusted by the trading communities, your better alternative would be CopyBuffett. This is something that is actually well received by the biggest trading channel and blogs out there and has a development team that is well-known in the binary options industry, the trading platform is very easy to understand and has customer support 24/7 to help with any inquiries or tech issues. Check them out for more information and thank you for reading our Wealth Crew Review!

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