Wells Investments LTD is a SCAM! READ THIS REVIEW!

Wells Investments LTD Review Scam
Wellsinvestments.co Review

Clear any positive thoughts about the Wells Investments LTD Scam, In this software review we are going to expose this fraudulent system by Nicholas Wells due to it’s awful trading results. Wellsinvestments.co scam site is full of deceptive tactics and lies which may fool the average trader but not us! Patrol has reasons to believe that this money making scheme is here to steal your hard earned money, so please read our scam review because Wells Investments LTD will make you regret ever trading binary options! We’ve analysed all our evidence and it’s all giving us the conclusion that this auto trader is a dangerous scam.


The first dodgy strategy we found on Wellsinvestments.co is that it looks exactly like the previous 105 scams we’ve exposed before. Typical salesly video with clean narrative voice, over the top trading results and happy images to insinuate that the trading software that Nicholas Wells owns is performing just outstanding. It’s weird that he mention that he’s spend many years on developing this auto trader when the Wells Investments LTD domain is only 1 week old. No authority blog has ever heard of your so called firm and it looks like you just want to brag and bring attention to yourself no matter what consequences!

Nicholas Wells and Wellsinvestments.co Review

Wellsinvestments.co Review
Wellsinvestments.co Scam Review

That’s also a huge factor in this binary options scam, nobody has ever heard of such trading software before, this auto trader has been supposedly tested by at least 100 beta testers but not one of them has really testify their trading results and performance. Those happy family pictures don’t count since their copied from other websites and is pretty much there to manipulate you into thinking that they are real trading results. Every other picture showing positive results are also fake. This sorts of practices are not found in legitimate systems and are rather implemented by the average fraud.

Nicholas Wells, the culprit behind Wells Investments LTD is also a person we cannot fully verify, this deceptive individual is not found anywhere in this industry, such successful entrepreneur must have some sort of fan base or platform in which he communicates to other colleges but to our surprise, no details was ever found which lead us to believe that Wellsinvestments.co is creating fake personas to play along their made up story that quite frankly sounds like a drama movie, no one can tell the truth about Nicholas Wells and his stupid story, you really can’t believe anything he says without hard cold evidence, especially in this industry since so many people do fake  reviews for just five dollars!

Why you can’t trust the Wells Investments LTD Scam!

To remind you again, nothing that Nicholas Wells and Wellsinvestments.co is either authentic or provable! Everything he said can be contradicted and the only ones who can really testify such claims are themselves and we simply cannot trust them! These are people who has no credentials or track record of ever been in anything related to trading binary options. Wellsinvestments.co does not provide accurate information about how their algorithms work, trustworthy and credible trading softwares use real analysis like chart patterns and many more establish studies but it seems like this auto trader uses none of them!

Performance and Trading Results

Wells Investments LTD has never provided any profits, countless of trading communities are reporting terrible trading results and it’s probably due to their low performing system. Such performance is not surprising if you take into account all the bad qualities this software has. Binaryoptionspatrol.com sent an email to support@wellsinvestments.co about such trading results but no response was ever received. Another indication that their customer support is fake and rather there to only answer emails to engage rookie traders to deposit with their low performing trading software. The Wellsinvestments.co Scam Site really doesn’t provide any more value than your typical scam software out there, why trade with this garbage then?

Overview of the Investments LTD Review

  • The owner and representative Nicholas Wells is a made up character, he does not exist since no profile or track record was ever found of him.
  • Performance and Trading result of the Wellsinvestments.co Scam is exceptionally low, such result will not yield any kind of earnings!
  • A Review done by many scammy looking websites are completely ignoring such details about their dirty tactics which means that they are collaborating in this specific pyramid scheme.
  • This scam is not endorse in any reputable site and is rather blacklisted in many of them!
  • It’s a scam, it does not work, support@wellsinvestments.co doesn’t even answer to emails

Conclusion on the Investments LTD Review

Wells Investments LTD Review
Wellsinvestments.co Scam Review

Wells Investments LTD Scam has too many shady practices, such features are not helpful to trading successfully and is probably the most common reason why  Nicholas Wells has created such a deficient binary options system. Our final verdict on this Wellsinvestments.co Review is that it’s a SCAM!! Please avoid this binary options software to prevent any harmful damages to your bank account, we can guarantee that if you invest your hard earned money with this fraud, you will lose it!!

If you are really interested in trading with a credible and proven system, you can check out the Copy Buffett Softwarebased on techniques and strategies that are used by the most profitable and successful investors of all time, no hidden gimmicks or fake lies, no million dollar promises but rather a helpful tool to increase your earnings in binary options! Please contact us for further information and thank you for reading our Wells Investments LTD Review.

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  1. Wish I had read your information on Wells Investments before I deposited my $300.
    My money went to a broker in London “Morton Finance”. When I tried to bid on my Wells software an error sign came up. Morton Finance called me from London to tell me they knew nothing about Wells Investments program that I could only make money if I invested their way. I received an email from Morton listing all the documents I need to send them to withdraw my money. I have asked them repeatedly to send me their address for sending these documents, they do not answer.

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