Zulander Hack is a SCAM! MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!!

Endless frauds that will make you want close your laptop forever and hide in a small village. The Zulander Hack Software is another one of those very convincing money-making schemes that empty your account balance before you even know it! Michael A. Wright, the deceptive individual behind the shady looking zulanderhack.co site is claiming that this auto-trader can generate at least 1,000 dollars in 5 minutes. We would like to state that this Trading App is a faulty software that is wiping hundreds of trader’s accounts. There is nothing more to say about this specific system, Patrol encounter many dirty techniques that lead us to believe that it’s a scam and is only purpose it to enrich those who promoted. Please continue to read the Zulander Hack Review for more shocking information!

Yes, recent feedback and testimonials has indicated us that Michael A. Wright is a liar, if you analyse what he is claiming, you’ll know that making a thousand dollars in 5 minutes is rather impossible in binary options trading. You see, the most skilled and knowledgeable trader is most likely to earn from $5,000 to $9,000 a month! So, if the zulanderhack.co scam can generate 1,000 dollars in less than a minute, you can multiply that  by  1 hour, you’ll be getting $12,000 in profits. That is completely insane and is obviously unreachable to any kind of trading system.

Michael A. Wright is a liar!!

Why the Zulander Hack App is a scam!

If you take a look at their home page, you’ll noticed that it looks very poorly constructed and has countless of widgets that are just darn stupid. Any person would expect from a multi millionaire software to have a more presentable website but Michael A. Wright looks like he only paid 20 dollars to some rookie that doesn’t know a single thing about been a webmaster. If you take a closer look at the top right corner of the zulanderhack.co website, you would see that it’s displaying a box that says only 2 copies left, if you were to come back a week or even a month later, you’ll still see that same number. It’s a classic sales tactic in which they try to rush you into trying out their scam software as soon as possible

The real main question here is, who is this Michael A. Wright? This crook says the expenses to make this system work at it’s best was really costly and took his company many years to developed. BinaryOptionPatrol.com made a simple investigation on this liar and found out that there were no credentials or evidence that he or his company had any involvement in the making of this Zulander Hack App. Such rich guy must have some sort of social media profile where he interacts but no Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account was ever found! This is probably because Michael A. Wright  is a made up name for the main purpose to fit his little fairy tale story.

Zulanderhack.co site is showing fake results!

Zulander Hack shows fake results!

On the second page of this worthless scheme, a series of trading results are displayed showing that a couple of their “beta testers’ are making generous amounts of profits but here’s the thing, those trading results are FAKE!! We did further analysis on this results and found out that they were copied from another website, if you do a simple Google Search for those profile pictures, an endless results page would show up presenting the same photo over and over again. That means that Michael A. Wright  copied those images, wrote a fake testimonial and made it appear as if they were real.

Such actions can only be found in common binary options scams that do such manipulative strategies, if the Zulander Hack System is such an endless money-maker, why would they have the need to apply such dirty practices in order to fool traders.

Real Trading Results and Performance

The real trading results of the zulanderhack.co scam site are 53 to 60 percent ITM. We found several complaints on trading forums that it was generating incredibly low performing signals. Such feedback can speak for itself and show that this SCAM will only make your account balance even lower. The Zulander Hack Results are embarrassing, we even tried to contact Michael A. Wright at support@zulanderhack.co for such results but no message was ever received about such problems.

Basic Overview of this Trading System

  • It doesn’t perform well like they claimed on the zulanderhack.co scam site
  • Exceptionally low ITM Ratio
  • Uses countless of shady practices in order to manipulate beginners in the binary options industry.
  • Michael A. Wright is a Scam Artist, no credentials or experience was ever showed
  • Traders are reporting empty account balances which lead us to believe that this trading software is a scam!!
  •  support@zulanderhack.co ain’t truthful about their customer service!

Verdict on the  Zulander Hack Review

Zulander Hack does not work!

We’ve covered many key-points in this review which will make any rational human being to stay away from this scam. No real value was found in this auto-trader, the so-called push button system is garbage, our final conclusion on this app is that Zulander Hack is a SCAM!! Michael A. Wright is a dangerous criminal that should be put behind bars, we weren’t surprised by the outcomes since zulanderhack.co presented endless deceptive flaws.

Now, if you are looking for something that truly works and doesn’t lie to your face, you might be better off with a service like Neo2. Their team of developers have ensured to test their algorithms with any kind of trading market therefore you will see a consistent performance in results and signals. Their platform is very simple to understand so any experienced or mediocre investor can use it, they also offer exceptional customer service 24/7 so issues and questions can be solved anytime! Feel free to visit them and Thank you for reading our Scam Review and Please trade safely!!

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  1. I lost i am confuss just want a genuine app all micheals white system is bs and he dont give support or reply to his people plight i have tried some of them i think his all scam i would love to send screens of proff

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